Orlando Spa Owner Uses Leading-Edge Facial and Body Sculpting Treatments 

Sarah Grace Cleavenger created Amazing Grace’s Faces & Body Sculpting to be a place of serenity.  A place where your spirit—and skin—are nourished by a healing environment.  A sacred place that allows you to cast your burdens aside and relax!  
“I named my business Amazing Grace’s partly because it’s my name, but mostly because that’s how I feel:  I feel fortunate, blessed, knowledgeable and connected . . . this business is literally the work of Amazing Grace in my life.  And I am humbled to share my blessings with you.”
All of the spa sessions at Amazing Grace’s follow Sarah Grace’s “Release and Receive” process.  Arrive in the sanctuary and prepare to RELEASE stress, conflict and toxins.  You then have nothing to do but relax and RECEIVE comfort, confidence and nutrients! 
From a very young age, Sarah Grace realized her gift of touch.  For 10 years as an LMT, she practiced neuromuscular massage in medical offices and for spas at major resorts.  She was then drawn to use her talents on the most precious skin of the face.  She became a licensed esthetician and worked in that space for the next 10 years.  In that time, she became enthralled by the new technologies available for both facials and body sculpting, for which she earned more certifications.
Her training told her that she had stumbled into an exciting new realm of skin care: where science and traditional spa treatments came together to boost the health and well-being of the entire body.
“It doesn’t matter how old you are.  As long as your cells are alive you can have vitality.  With a variety of cutting-edge methods at my disposal, I can bring more life and vitality to every cell.”
After 20 years of observing thousands of individual skin types, Sarah Grace can immediately analyze your skin and suggest the best treatments for you.   She excels at breaking down toxins in the skin, rebuilding the skin with oxygen and nutrients, and putting a safety net on the skin to help it heal.   As a result, you’ll see no downtime and feel a real difference after the first treatment.
“When I get into my zone, I’m helping people; it’s like a beautiful part of the reason I was created.  My calling is the gift of touch and all my therapies allow me to do it with life-affirming results.”
Can a facial change your life?  If there’s a chance, it will be at Amazing Grace’s!